About Us

Founded by a former Walt Disney World cast member from the Magic Kingdom, Magical Tours has offered VIP Tours of the Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando theme parks for over 10 years to guests from around the world.

While most families will face stress, confusion, and long lines throughout their day, our guests experience fun, laughter and quality family time, while avoiding most of the long lines and crowds the parks are famous for.

At the Disney theme parks, our guides can double (or even triple) the number of FastPasses available to our guests and help them enjoy 5 to 10 minute wait times for the majority of the rides – all without ever embarrassing them by “cheating” the system or using unscrupulous methods such as “handicap passes” to cut the lines, as many other tour guides do.

At the Universal theme parks, our guides have learned all the tricks to maximizing the Express Pass system, helping our guests to enjoy 5 to 10 minute wait times in the Express Lines, rather than the 30 to 45 minute average Express waits.

At Magical Tours, we are here to make your family’s Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando vacations as magical as they can be!